Playing back H264 on Cortex 3.0.3 b10551

(Melissa Sansevieri) #1

When trying to scrub through the H264, cortex will freeze-frame on the playback window, and eventually crash. Even after just playing through the event, it will freeze picture, but continue playing audio until it crashes. This happens with both .mov and .mp4. I have tested this on our previous version, 3.0.3 b10238, and it works.

(Peter Firth) #2

Is the H.264 generated by Cortex or another application? We did make a change to how we write the audio to H.264 files in b10551, but I don’t think it would cause this crash. Can you send the logs to

(Melissa Sansevieri) #3

Yes, the H264 is generated by the cortex. I tested both an export from the old build and the new build, and both crashed the application. I am sending over the logs now.

(Peter Firth) #4

I was able to track this down and fix it. The fix will be in our next update.