Problem importing Arri-RAW

When i attempt to import a folder with 39 shots of Arri-RAW material on version 1.5.1-b4492 the Cortex crashes.
When i check the log there is nothing generated.
I can load the same folder of 39 clips in version 1.4.8-b3923 without problems.

The log viewer in the application only shows messages from the current session. If you are troubleshooting a crash, you’ll have to look at the end of the log file itself:


If you don’t see anything obvious in there, send us your logs and we will take a look.

i’ve emailed a copy of the log to both you and peter.
“0”,“Cortex”,“Information”,“Cortex//set_ArriRawDecodeSettings(0): Error while setting ArriRaw decode properties: “,””,“06-03-2014 08:04:50.360”,“9856”,“6”,“14508973620”,"EDIT-U2"
“0”,“Cortex”,“Information”,“Cortex//set_ArriRawDecodeSettings(0): Error while setting ArriRaw decode properties: “,””,“06-03-2014 08:04:50.890”,“9856”,“6”,“14510693123”,“EDIT-U2”

I think those are actually mislabeled messages. The message is tagged as “Information” even though the message text starts with Error. That is why it isn’t showing up in the log viewer. I checked the code and it looks like that message can be returned if there is a setting in the file that is being ignored. @hans should be able to shed a little more light on it.

There was quite a lot of changes in the Arri source libraries between those
two versions, including open gate and monochrome support, and the
refactoring that was done give the camera libraries a common interface.
I’ll see if I can duplicate anything using our existing samples.

I think we may have heard of something similar elsewhere some initial testing, but I was never able to reproduce the issue with the samples we had and then the problem went away. Does this sound like what you were seeing before @junrot?

@joeral what happens if you import the same 39 folders but not all at the same time?

If you separate them into 2 or 4 batches does it work?

How about individually?

Perhaps we can narrow down whether its an issue Cortex is having with particular clips or whether its simply importing the whole group at once that is the problem…

Dave / Peter

Sorry for the delay

I just ran another test.

  1.   Attempted to load a folder that contained (6) magazines 369GB total. This failed and I’ve attached the log for that failure (Cortex_20140605_multiple_folders_fail).
  2.   I then made a new project and attempted to load each of the 6 folders individually. When I reached the third folder 64.9GB it crashed, I’ve attached the log for that failure (cortex_20140605_single_folder_fail)

@peter and @hans are looking into the logs.

The next thing to try is to determine is whether it is something in that 3rd folder causing the problem, or whether its just chance.

Test this by making a new job and then just importing that 3rd folder. If that works, we have some intermittent issue on our hands. If it fails, then we can narrow it down further by breaking up that folder and seeing which clips(s) are causing the failure.


Per Dave’s suggestion I have done the following.

  1.   Created a new job and attempted to load the folder in question – Cortex crashed.
  2.   Created a second new job and imported each magazine within the questionable folder 1 at a time, all 11 magazines loaded without problems.
  3.   Create a third new job and attempted to load the entire folder from step 1 and the cortex crashed

Log attached

I looked at the log and I can’t find any error indicating a crash. If Cortex crashes, there should be a message in the log starting with “Cortex unhandled exception:”. Does Cortex actually crash and exit for you?

Yes it does crash and we get the windows prompt asking if we’d like to debug or exit.

OK. We have been able to reproduce it on our end a few times now. Stay tuned for more info.

This should be resolved in build 4578.

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