Problem importing XAVC -F55 footage

When i attempt to import F55 footage recorded as XAVC I get a green screen in the viewer window.
I attempted to upload a screenshot but the system say’s i’m not authorized.

this was attempted on versions 1.5.1-b4285 and 1.5.1-b4250 and i got the same results.

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What resolution were those files?

Does 1.4 behave better with the same files?

@peter can you see if this is reproducible with any of the XAVC test files you have?

Yes, I can reproduce that with the samples we have.

Sorry Dave, the files i attempted were 1920x1080 XAVC100.
we transfered these files fine on a pilot running version 1.4.6

OK, thanks! I will follow up after @hans has a chance to take a closer look

you should also have a look at Sony PXW-Z100 3840x2160.
This works in 1.4.8 but not in 1.5

Not sure if I have a test file of that format in particular. Perhaps the same fix will fix that too though. I’ll make a new build available shortly.

This issue should be fixed in build 4307