Problem with audio when exporting H.264 from version 2.03-b8496

(Joe Ralston) #1

When i export an H.264 file with sound the clip will not load into a DVS Clipster.
If i remove the sound and re-export the h.264 MOS it loads fine.
Audio has always worked in the past perhaps something has been changed in this version.

(Peter Firth) #2

Are you exporting H.264 as MOV or MP4? How many audio channels does the output have? Does the file open OK in QuickTime Player?

(Joe Ralston) #3

Hi Peter
I’m exporting .MOV
I have tried it with 4 or 6 channels and get the same results.
2 channels seems to work

(Peter Firth) #4

Do you have a sample file with 4 or 6 channels that the Clipster does open OK? There shouldn’t have been any changes to how those files are written in version 2.

(Joe Ralston) #5

you were a little too quick for me, as it turns out this appears to be a problem with Clipster version 5.9, these files load just fine in clipster version 4.33.
Can you try and bring in a h.264 with multiple channels back into the cortex, when we do the video is tearing and the audio is static