Problem with audio when exporting H.264 from version 2.03-b8496

When i export an H.264 file with sound the clip will not load into a DVS Clipster.
If i remove the sound and re-export the h.264 MOS it loads fine.
Audio has always worked in the past perhaps something has been changed in this version.

Are you exporting H.264 as MOV or MP4? How many audio channels does the output have? Does the file open OK in QuickTime Player?

Hi Peter
I’m exporting .MOV
I have tried it with 4 or 6 channels and get the same results.
2 channels seems to work

Do you have a sample file with 4 or 6 channels that the Clipster does open OK? There shouldn’t have been any changes to how those files are written in version 2.

you were a little too quick for me, as it turns out this appears to be a problem with Clipster version 5.9, these files load just fine in clipster version 4.33.
Can you try and bring in a h.264 with multiple channels back into the cortex, when we do the video is tearing and the audio is static