PutLutData error - crashing Cortex

I am reluctant to call this a “bug” but wanted to report it.

One of our operators was reporting that Cortex was crashing. I pulled the log and started looking through it. There’s two errors that caught my attention:

Cortex//PutLutData(0): Cortex unhandled exception: GpuProc.ManagedApi Not Open

This error appears a few times, about the time the operator was working.

The other error is

Cortex//InvokeHandlersImpl(0): Exception killing CohogRender (8604): Access is denied

I looked in the CohogRender log at the same time and didn’t see anything like an error. Everything else in the logs looks rather innocuous. Any hints at these errors?

Crashes are usually caused by “unhandled exceptions” so that first error looks like the issue, but I’m not sure what would cause that.

Which build is this? Is this on a newly configured system or one you’ve been using for a long time?

What was the operator doing at that time?

(Of course if you can determine steps to reproduce the issue that’s always helpful)

Sorry - I guess the version might come in handy. :wink: Version 1.5.2 b4891. We’ve been using this system with 1.4.4 for the longest time, recently switched to 1.5.2 a week or two ago.

The operator isn’t exactly tech savvy nor descriptive. All I got was that he was logging, adding clips to a reel, then crash. I did see Cortex taking extremely long to switch from clip to clip while there was background processing. Not a crash per se, but might be related to the crash.

OK, well let’s keep an eye on it.

If the issue is recurring, perhaps we can piece together a few more details from the user’s stories and take a look at the full logs to see if there is any more context.