RED Transcode Error

Currently transcoding RED media files to DNX175 and 36. On both deliverables, a few clips have errored out, leaving the following message in the log:

Cortex//WorkerThreadStart(0): Error encountered: GetAudioBuffer failed, returned -8410

Have removed embedded camera audio and the files transcoded as normal. Wondering what might have caused it, though.

That error means something like the audio file is missing or corrupt at a certain point (as proven by your test to remove it and re-render), We’ll take a look at the log you sent and see if anything more specific jumps out.

@aagarcia Initially looking at the sample file you sent, it appears the audio may be corrupt, we’re unable to read the audio track toward the end, and thus unable to transcode it.

If you have time to do a little more troubleshooting, can you try bringing the clip in and putting a Mark Out before the end. It fails only a few frames before the end and you should be able to visually see it in the waveform of the audio track… or you can just go 1 s back if it isn’t obvious. See if it will successfully transcode with the Mark Out excluding the potentially corrupt frames and let us know.