Red Weapon 8K Helium Sensor


We are testing out footage acquired with a RED Weapon using a Helium sensor, at 5k and 8K. Cortex 3.0.3-bxxx Does not jive out of the box. Is there anything we should install or do to make it work? Or support for this camera format TBD?

Thank you!

Hi Josh,

3.1.3 b11127 updates the RED SDK to 6.2. I would give that one a try.

The certainly worked! Now, this may sound odd, but will previous versions of Cortex know how to handle ProRes clip file spans? We may want to use the ProRes proxies created be the Weapon in an older version of Cortex, b9726 to be precise. We are coping the ProRes files, which may include spanned clips, in to new clip folders (mirroring the RED organization exactly). Just want to be sure there will be no issue seeing and concatenating the spans in this slightly older version…

Thank you!

Hi Josh,

We haven’t tried ProRes clip file spans. I don’t think they would work. Did you give it a try?

We tried, they do not.

There is a tool- Foolclip- which works, but there are a few extra steps required to make it work.

R3D spans and the ProRes proxy are in the same RDC folder, and Cortex only (rightly) detects the RED media.

We have created an app that copies the proxy out, mirrors the red folder structure, and alerts the operator if there are spans. This is what we bring into Cortex. Spans only occur in clips longer than Bitrate x Time =< 3.9 GB, so it’s not that frequent.

I believe this is due to the current reliance on fat 32 filesystem on the cards.

Not sure what method Cortex uses to detect RED spans, but if it is a similarity of the file name followed by a numerical three digit series, it might be helpful to apply that to ProRes files as well. At least have a preference “Detect ProRes sequential spans” in there somewhere, to enable or disable.


  • Josh

Sure. We can add it to our list. Shouldn’t be very difficult to get working.