Reel tab - status column; where did it go?

Back in earlier versions of Cortex, in the Reel tab, there was a “Status” column. This column would show the status of a converted clip. It would says either “Ready”, “In Progress” or “Complete”. Additionally, you could right-click on a clip and restart the render.

Starting around beta version 1.5.2 (b4891) that column is no longer present (I scrolled left/right - it’s just not there). Also, the right-click contextual menu now only has “Delete” and you can’t force a clip to restart.

Any idea why this feature was removed? Or is this a bug?

Here’s a screen shot from version 1.5.1 (b4492)

And from 1.5.2 (b4891 - latest as of today)

That status column is actually the status of the clip on the deliverable not the reel. If you are creating many deliverables, it’s possible the clip is rendered is complete on one and ready on the other.

We recently added a ‘Preview’ deliverable that automatically shows up for each reel. This allows you to create reels with no deliverables.

When you select a reel, initially, you are looking at your Preview. To see the status’s for your deliverable, you must select that tab above the player:

Why did we add this Preview deliverable?

Some folks wanted the ability to start building a reel prior to choosing what to render in certain situations.

Also, when you import a manifest file, you now have the option to also import the reels, but we don’t create deliverables immediately. We leave it up to you to add them later.

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Ahh, I see now. This makes sense. Click on the Deliverable tab you want to check on, then you can see the Status.

Thanks for sorting this out!