Render only Shots that have Accepted Pixels

Hey there,

I am still trying to get familiar with a lot of the features that Cortex has to offer, but I am curious if after merging an image sequence with an EDL and running the dead pixel analysis, is there a way to render just the shots that have pixels that we have affirmed are dead pixels? In other words, isolating the shots that we have dead pixel information for and exclusively rendering just the shots that we want fixed, as opposed to needing to render a brand new timeline. I’d appreciate any advice in this matter.


Hello David,

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Mark each segment individually and then use the Mark In Mark Out buttons in the render dialog. This will require an interaction with the render dialog for each segment marked.
  2. Right-click on the timeline and add a video track (you can also shift+click on the V button)
    a. Click on the segments you wish to render and drag them to the second video track being sure to keep them in the correct TC position
    b. In the render dialog, use the dropdown field “Render Video Track” and choose V2 Only Ignore Gaps
    To Render - right click on the name of the composition in the left panel and choose Render.