Rolling back the CORTEX Database

MTI will periodically update the structure of the underlying Cortex database to support new features. These changes will only be introduced at minor version upgrades (e.g., 1.02 > 1.1, not 1.01 > 1.02) and will happen automatically when you run the new version for the first time.

In most cases, these changes will make the database incompatible with the older version of Cortex. Generally, this is not an issue, but if you find you need to roll back to the older version, you will need to roll back the database manually. Any changes made in the new version will be lost.

To roll back the database:

  • In Windows Explorer, navigate to the database folder (usually C:\ProgramData\MTI\DB)
  • Open the Project Folder
  • The current database will be named PROJCODE_folder_YYYY.project.cortexdb
  • Rename this file with an extension other than .cortexdb (e.g.,
  • Find the most recent database snapshot (PROJCODE_folder_YYYY.project.cortexdb_YYMMDD_x.y) and make a copy
  • Remove the _YYMMDD_x.y string so that the new file has an extension .cortexdb
  • Repeat for any additional projects
  • Launch Cortex