Rotation - framing option

We noticed that the rotation tool in the framing tab is no longer there. Is this something that was taken off the gui or can I access this function somewhere else? With the new platform Quibi making its rounds, this tool is much needed.

Hi Melissa,

You’ll need to make sure the config you have selected is not using Original Clip for its Framing method. In that case the Flip H and Flip V buttons are disabled. Let me know if you still don’t see them with a config that is using the Color Tool for its Framing method. Also, provide the build number to help with further debugging.

Hi Peter,
We are running 5.2.1 b17170. We are able to use the flip V and H no problem. What we need is a rotation tool to be able to rotate the clip 90 degrees. I thought we have this ability a while ago but I might be mistaken.

No, we have only ever had Flip V and H/

Would this be something the cortex could do in the near future? We now deliver to a new platform, Quibi, that requires us to rotate the image to 1080x1920.

We can look into doing it. We will discuss it internally.