Shared database IP changed = Cortex won't launch

If Cortex quits while connected to a shared database, it will attempt to reconnect to the shared database on next launch. However, if the IP address of the shared database is changed, then Cortex will not launch. It is attempting to connect to the shared database, fails to do so, then gives up and quits. There’s a dialog stating that is could not connect to 192.xx.xx.xx (IP address of MySQL server) but that’s it.

It would be ideal to be able to automatically switch back to the local database if the shared database fails (with a dialog for the user). At least then we can go in the configuration and change it if needed.

Doesn’t sound like we handle that situation very well. We should be able to default to the local database in this case. I’ll look into making that fix sometime soon. Thanks for the report!

Any update on this issue?