Sony hevc streaming preset


I am getting an fatal error on rendering with the sony streaming template no matter what I am trying.

With variable bitrate picked It says:
"hss_rate must be in range. Hevc validation error.

Screenshot 2023-08-27

Am I doing something wrong?

Constant bitrate seems to work, but variable bitrate is needed here on my end.


Hi Renvan, and welcome to the forum.

The Sony Streaming deliverable configuration in Cortex template was designed for a very specific purpose, with unique traits for a certain player. If you wish to render an HEVC output with variable bitrate, you can use the more common “HEVC” deliverable type instead of “HEVC Sony Streaming”.

For more information regarding purchase and licensing of Cortex with HEVC or the Sony Streaming options, please contact:

For further technical support specific to this format, please contact: