Still Import has double LUT application

We are currently importing reference stills into Cortex w/ a REC 709 display LUT baked into what we are receiving from the DIT on set. When we initially import the stills w/ scaling applied they will reflect that, but when toggling back and forth to live image the imported still will look as if the LUT has been applied twice. Currently looking into the cause of that.



Does the selected config have a display LUT? Maybe that isn’t being turned off when you toggle to the still.

We do have a preview config with a display LUT, but this occurs in the other configs (without a display LUT) as well.

If the still is loaded in a config with a Display LUT, it will show with the Display LUT just like a clip. So if the Still also has a LUT baked in, it will show a double LUT effect.

It’s arguable whether this is logical or desirable.

Once a still is loaded, it doesn’t refresh when you switch config tabs, so that’s why it would stay double-LUTed after load. Conversely, if you load the Still in a tab WITHOUT a Display LUT, it will look the way you expect and that will also remain normal, even if you then switch tabs to the config with the Display LUT

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