Stillstore thumbnail caption request?

In the caption drop down menu, can episode #/scene/take be added to the selection? example: UB105_23B_2. I have a DP requesting this and the only way I can see doing it is to re-name each file manually. Some of the file names double up on the colored Jpegs I send him each morning. having this option would sort by the episode # first and take care of that problem. Maybe this feature is in a newer version? We are still running 1.5.4-b7952 for now.

We can certainly take a look at adding it to version 2 if it isn’t already in there. It should be easy enough to do.

This would be a great feature to add. Please do.

Thanks for the patch. The Episode/scene/take/ work great however I need to be able to select this option in the export stills menu as well so that episode/scene/take are in the JPEG still name when exported. I should have explained that better in my first post.

We can look into adding this in a future version. One issue that comes up is that the file names may not be unique if you don’t include the camera roll. Do you not want the camera roll in the file name?

The camera roll can be in the file name as well. Just as long as the episode number is in the exported JPEG file name somewhere. That way the stills will be sorted by episode number and will not double up when scene numbers are repeated in a NEW episode.