Subclips with different audio tracks

We’ve had multiple requests from assistant editors asking that our Avid DNX deliverables have two versions of sound- one version with a single dialogue track only, and a second version with all tracks recorded.

Normally this must be done in Avid by taking the all-tracks version and creating a “sub-clipped” version with only track 1 dialogue.

It seems the editor only wants the dialogue track, and the assistants want all tracks that they can manipulate for specific audio ISO requests.

The goal here would be to NOT have to create two fully rendered deliverables out of Cortex, but rather generate and export the ALL TRACKS version, the create a new metadata only export that links to the single track. Avid should reference the same media and should not pose an issue in conform.

We are aware that, if the output from Cortex creates two Avid Master Clips, and two master clips exist in the Avid pointing the same single bits of media, the parent / child relationship of the sub-clip method will be lost.

Is this something Cortex can already do? Or is it possibly on the radar as a future feature?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi Josh,

Cortex cannot currently do this. I’m not sure how possible it would be for us to do it automatically. We can certainly investigate it at some point in the future. I don’t the Avid Media Toolkit supports this, but I can check.

Hi Josh,

We had an AE on a show who wrote a script to do the subclipping automatically if that is what you’re looking for. . We could reach out. You can also unlink the audio tracks, modify, and relink just the A1 clip in AVID, but that might also not be the solution for shared storage on a show.

Hello Alexander,

Yes, any help would be appreciated. Automating the process of creating these sub clips would be great!

Thank you!