Syncing multiple audio files to a single video file

So, sorry I’m on the board for this question, and pardon if it’s in the manual. Need a semi-quick answer.

The sound mixer recorded 2 wave files for one video track. ie- there is one video clip and somewhere during the take the recordist hit stop then start, resulting in 2 files. Is there a way to sync both up to the one video clip?

You know, I thought we had this on the forum already, but we didn’t, so thanks for asking!

CORTEX is designed to have only one audio file associated with each video clip. So, if a single video file corresponds to two audio files (for example, because the audio recorder stopped and restarted in the middle), you will need to do the following:

  1. Duplicate the video clip
  2. Sync the audio for the earlier duration to the first clip
  3. Use the Edit features to Mark Out at the end of the audio
  4. Sync the audio for the later duration to the second clip
  5. Use the Edit features to Mark In at the beginning of this audio

Unfortunately, there is no Merge Audio files feature at this time.

We are working on more advanced Editing features and although independent audio manipulation is not slated for the first release of this feature set, I will [add this to the feature request category] (Sync and Merge two audio files to a single video clip) to solicit additional feedback

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Cool. Thanks for the quick response Amy! Hope all is well.

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