Tangent Devices Element Tk Panel, throwing many errors in log once connect button is clicked (Cortex Dailies 1.5.2b4771)

Looks like you found a bug of sorts. We’ve never seen this before so it’s possible that its specific to WIndows 8. We’ll get the fix into the next v1.5.2 release if the special build keeps working for you.

This issue is resolved in Cortex v1.5.2 b4803

It works great, but I noticed a small whacky thing. When I now go to the hardware page the button under the panel selection is “CONNECT” not “DISCONNECT” even though the panel is connected. When I click it nothing happens. Just a heads up, doesn’t bother me at all.

Also- I started digging into the element-tk-map.xml file. The customization is pretty much unlimited! I was wondering if there are any tags I can reference in the fields to pull settings data out of cortex and put it on the tangent screen? Such as the selected input and output lut names, current file in the preview, copy progress, etc. (realize copy progress may be complex). Just starting to finally figure out what tags to use inside cortex, mainly in path names. is there a list anywhere?

Strange. I will see if this happens for me on Monday when I can try it again with a panel.

Not sure whether that kind of thing is possible right now, but if you have specific ideas for what you’d like to see, create a separate topic for them.

There is a tooltip in the deliverable file name field that lists the available tokens for that field. We didn’t do that yet for the fields in the project manager… Create a separate topic for this feature request and we will look into adding that too… Should be easy.

I’m not able to reproduce this, but I do see a different issue. If I “DISCONNECT” then I am no longer able to connect again successfully unless I restart the application. Perhaps they are related… Not an urgent issue, but we’ll leave this open for now.


Anders Yarbrough

@hans just found what sounds like your bug. If you have the panel set to connect on startup, then the button would not say disconnect. should have a fix for that shortly.

You guys are on point. Thanks Dave.

Anders Yarbrough

That should be fixed in Cortex v1.5.2 b4845

Confirmed. Thanks Dave.

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