Tangent Element TK screen defaults

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could make the tangent element display the control page that’s active by default. I edited the control.xml to do this and I find it really handy for realizing that I’m not on the grade panel when I’m jumping around quickly. Saving me a few seconds of scratching my head every so often. I know, dumb/ basic request, but I’m probably not going to remember to do it, when I upgrade to the next update.

Also wondering what options there are for adding live information to the display on the element.


Can you email support your hacked XML file so we can take a look?

Yup, emailing now. And I was wrong it’s the element-tk-map.xml

Cool, simple enough changes, happy to include these as the default in the future… Will be part of future 1.5.3+ releases…

I don’t think there’s a whole lot of configuration available here. If you have specific feature requests, let us know.

Hmmmm, I’ll come up with a list. For starters, maybe the scene, Take,