The problem that the dnxhd115 file output by AVID is read by cortex incorrectly

I transcoded an AVI file to DNXHD115 through cortex. After adding clip points and AFD information through AVID Media composer, I output it to dnxhd115 and related aaf. When I imported this file through cortex, I found that the information read by cortex changed from 25FPS to 24fps, and the image information could not be read and played. But I can play and read it normally in other players. Take relevant information. I will enclose a screenshot of the error, please help me to solve this problem.
I use media composer 8.4.2 and 8.5 to read.


We will be posting a release shortly to the forum that will allow you to read these files properly. Cortex is not changing the frame rate from 25 to 24. 24 FPS is the default frame rate and since the clip failed to import without error the frame rate doesn’t get set to the file’s actual frame rate.

This is really great,I hope the new version can be downloaded as soon as possible,thank you Peter!

It is available now. You can download it here

My client recently gave me a video file in mmes format. I can’t open it with cortex. Can you open this decoding format for me? I have ftp the relevant files to the mti server and attached detailed information.

We will look into it as soon as we can. I have never heard of the format before so I can’t say if we can do it for sure.

Ok, look forward to your good news!


I have to tried to play the files you sent us, but I cannot find any application that will open them. It looks like the index table, that specifies the location of the video frames, is non-standard. We will see what we can do, but without some proper documentation it will be difficult.

I used the VLC media player 3.0.6 to view these can try it. I hope this can help you.