Unknown Cortex Dailies Edition

Utilizing the Cortex DIT license received for Cortex 2.0, launching Cortex causes error: Unknown Cortex Dailies Edition.

Can you try the following:

Go to C:\ProgramData\MTI\Licenses and delete the existing files in there and re-run the program.

Same result, re-asked for Activation Key, entering it and executing Activate Online causes Unknown CORTEX Dailies Edition.

On install, DIT is not specified in the install notes,
§ CORTEX Dailies
§ CORTEX Dailies Evaluation Edition
§ CORTEX Dailies Render Node Edition
§ CORTEX Dailies Enterprise Edition

I found the issue. You should receive a new activation key via email.

Yep, new license key corrected the issue, i’m up and running.

Hello Peter, I am having the same issue as above. I’ve tried deleting the *.qlm file from the C:\ProgramData\MTI\Licenses folder but still receiving an Unknown Cortex Dailies Edition. This is a temporary license sent over from Randy for testing purposes on two replacement machines. I tried using the Evlauation Key check box but that returns an invalid key message.

Can you try deleting the ActiveCortexDailiesLicense.txt file?

Unfortunately delete one or the other, or both then re-launching Cortex still give me the Error.

Does it get to the point where you have to activate the license or is it giving the error message before that?

I can input the license number into the activation field. When I hit the
activate button it even fills out most of the information including the
company name and licensee (Phil Sqyures). The only field that is left blank
is the Edition box. Once I’ve received the unknown cortex version error the
app crashes. On a re-launch it don’t get the activation screen a second
time only the Unkown Cortex Version Error.