Using Print Status to filter Circle Takes, B-Neg and Starred Takes on your Deliverables

CORTEX offers three options for a clip’s print status:

  • Circled (default)
  • Excluded/B-neg
  • Starred/Super-circled

Most productions will use only the Circled/B-neg, but there are a couple of great uses for the Starred option as well.

##Print Status Basics
When you define a deliverables config, you can include or exclude any of the print statuses. By default, a config will include all statuses.

By deselecting options, you can set up a config to exclude one or more statuses.

All clips added to a Reel will be automatically sorted and included/excluded from specific deliverables based on the Print Status set in the Sync tool.

##Using Star Takes for Executive Review
The most common usage of the Star print status is to support three types of deliverables:

  • Editorial - all takes
  • General Review - exclude B-neg
  • Executive Review - Starred takes only

This allows the director and DP to review a number of takes that may be useful later in editorial, while only sending the very best takes on for executive review.

##Using Star Takes for Limited Review
In some cases, the typical review process will happen onset, either right on the CORTEX CarryOn or via the StreamViewer app for iPad, so you’re basically only generating the Editorial and Executive Review deliverables. Or in other cases, offsite review may only be necessary for specific shots where there are questions or concerns.

In this case, there would only be two deliverables:

  • Editorial (all takes)
  • Review (Starred takes only)

This is a good option to select under any circumstance when the number of clips needed for review is a small portion of the full day’s shoot. This allows you to save time by simply adding a few Starred takes, rather than marking a large number of shots as B-neg.