Vahall Panel Support?

I’m hoping to separate my NuCoda and Cortex system and believe, at least at one point, that Cortex worked with the Vahall panels - is this true? Still true? I have a set that could be put to good use if so.

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Hi Troy, We support Tangent Element, Wave and Nucoda Precision panels as of now.

To clarify, we did implement support for the Valhall panels in Control Dailies, but have never done so for Cortex. I’m not opposed to adding support for them in Cortex, but there isn’t a whole lot of demand for this feature, so its hard to prioritize it right now. Probably better to go with the Wave or Element panels for that system unless you’d like to explore doing a little custom development.

It’s mostly that I have the panels and I’m not using them. I felt like the color panel would be perfect for Cortex, and had thought there was some support for them in some form, even if it no longer exists. Though you make it sound both ominous and intriguing, I’d need to know a little more about what you mean by “explore doing a little custom development”

Haha… basically I mean that we’d have to charge you something to prioritize doing this development now. Is that so ominous? If not, feel free to email me and we can discuss it further…

Well - no not at all. But one thing I’m wondering about is I’ve always felt Cortex was a little sluggish on Precision and was semi-hoping that it was more responsive on the Tangent. It’s not even really that much of a complaint, because it’s not that we even really need something super-silky for dailies, especially because it’s really just for the color. Most everything else we do from the keyboard.

That being said, I would absolutely consider the cost of Vahall vs Tangent Element Panel Element - saying this as I have no idea what amount of time and testing it would take to get the Vahall running.

Thanks @runningman. @JDV - let’s discuss this sometime tomorrow.

At this time we have no plans to implement this feature. There is not enough demand to justify the initial work and it would be difficult to maintain since we do not have any Valhall panels.

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