What's your ideal Reel naming process?

Hey all, soliciting some feedback here on Reel naming.

Since the beginning, CORTEX has inherited the Reel name set in the Project config and then auto-incremented the trailing digit. So, our default is like 101R01, which becomes 101R2, R03, etc.

Do you use this feature? Is it helpful? Or do you manually name each Reel? If so, what naming conventions & patterns do you follow?

Love to hear your thoughts @24pdailies @runningman @aagarcia @galakanokis @joeral

yeah we use that all the time, and the reel conventions change drastically for all shows

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I don’t use it at all anymore - for us everything needs to be named the shoot day number. So our process is to name the job the shoot day under the Days/Jobs, then the reels are named “DAYx_R1” so that they come out 20150325_DAY30_R1 and can be traced back at any point to paperwork, or DIT notes, or Producer notes, or most importantly the Camera Master Backup. This also then is used if a day had drives arrive at different times then it would get a second reel number : 20150325_DAY30_R2. It would be almost more ideal to have this as part of the Days/Jobs metadata when we setup the new/next job.


We use an approach similar to @runningman - we make a job just for the shoot day. The day is named something like “Day03” (if we get multiple breakoffs, it will be “Day03a” and “Day03b” etc). We make a single reel and render everything out. The reel name reflects the shoot day.

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