Which SDI Output Cards are supported in Cortex

Hi there, :slight_smile:
We are trying to see how we could implement Cortex in our workflow. To better evaluate the pictures, we would need to output the image via SDI. In Cortex V5.0, the Aja Kona 3G worked just fine. However, since 5.1 and upwards, the Card seems to be no longer supported. Is there a full list with officially supported SDI Output Cards per Version? I could not find any hints on the MTI website or on vendor website besides Aja, who list their Kona 4 as compatible with cortex 5.3.

I would greatly appreciate any help or a list, which cards are supported. We have Black Magic Decklinks here but would love not to have to try every one of them.

Thanks, everyone, for the help.

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Hi MicFroy,

Did you make sure the driver for the Kona 3G is up to date? As far as BlackMagic Decklinks, any of them should work just fine. We’ve tested Decklink mini, 4K Extreme, and 8K Pro.

Hi Peter,
thank you for the prompt reply. The Drivers for the Kona 3G are up to date as of the drivers one could get from Aja. As for the Black Magic Cards, good to know, then we’ll try the ones not in use right now. Thank you!