Why Did My License Suddenly Fail?

If you have not recently upgraded CORTEX versions and have a current temporary (i.e., not expired) or permanent license, CORTEX may suddenly report the need for you to re-activate and after activation, you’ll find your previously working license has failed.

The most likely cause is some change in hardware configuration.

Our licensing works by linking an Activation Key generated on our server to a Computer ID generated on your local machine.

The Computer ID is generated using information about your physical machine, including network adapters, Windows Computer Name and storage configuration. If some of these things should change, CORTEX will report a discrepancy between the Key and the ID.

If you are making permanent hardware changes to your CORTEX system and experience this issue, please contact [support@mtifilm.com] (mailto:support@mtifilm.com)

I think a couple users have reported that this is occurring when they attach / detach a usb wireless adapter. We should get our hands on a couple of those for testing and see whether we can make the licensing check more robust in that case, which seems to be pretty common.

I played around a little bit with a USB wireless adapter today and I couldn’t reproduce the issue, but I can see a potential case where it could fail. The licensing is in part attached what CORTEX sees as being the ‘primary’ mac address, among other things. In my case, it was always picking the same one, whether or not the USB adapter was connected, but depending on the system, it could behave differently.

Working on a fix that should improve this behavior…

One other thing to note is that if you actually disable a network adapter in the Control Panel, then CORTEX can no longer see it, so you certainly want to leave your primary physical adapter enabled whether or not its connected.

The issue with plugging and unplugging USB wireless adapters should be fixed in build 4307

@ David McClure - I’m about to rearrange the cards in my PC, and add a chasis expander. It will have the same ethernet adapters when complete, just in different slots. Will I need to re-license?

This is happening to us now. plugging and unplugging a phone used as a tethering device for licensing. 5.3.1

If your machine typically does not have internet access, we can manually activate it here for you.