Are more productions shooting RAW now for television shows?

(Digital Dailies) #1

Not trying to hijack a thread but to add a comment: We’ve had a production or two where they did shoot ARRIRAW and not ProRes. Some productions like the Alexa but it’s lack of 4K is a deal breaker. But ARRI recently added “Open Gate” ARRIRAW which can record roughly 3.4K resolution. But it can’t record this resolution to ProRes, only to single-file-per-frame ARRIRAW files.

I imagine @galakanokis is experiencing something similar with the .dng files. Productions/DPs want to record the best image possible and ignore the difficulties of post. So perhaps the times are changing.

Not able to get real time playback with .dng files from a Blackmagic camera
(David McClure) #2

Are you seeing more shows recording F55 as RAW or XAVC these days?

(Troy) #3

We are seeing a mix of F55 as RAW and XAVC. A DP recently wanted to shoot 240fps with the F55 which evidently it’s only capable of doing when recording RAW.

Overall almost everything now we’re working on is F55- it’s the flavor of the month.

(David McClure) #4

Is most of that F55 stuff all 4K now? Early on, I was still seeing a mix of 2K RAW and SR File codec strangely enough…

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Ditto here. Earlier, back when the F55 first landed, we had some productions shooting SR File (HD res). Now almost everything is 4K. Same as @runningman - a mix of RAW and XAVC. Productions are pushing to shoot RAW, but we suggest XAVC if it’s nothing too dramatic - strictly for reduction if file sizes. But overall I get the sense that productions don’t want to compromise ANY image quality and are starting to push for RAW file formats over anything compressed (even if it’s visually identical).

(Troy) #6

We too have been suggesting XAVC, however the last job we ran we discovered that processing XAVC is more time consuming than RAW. Something that we now have to factor into the discussion. I don’t remember the time difference offhand but maybe by as much as 2:1.

(David McClure) #7

See this topic regarding XAVC vs (Sony) RAW transcoding speeds.

(Digital Dailies) #8

@runningman - we’ve had productions shooting in XAVC in both 4K resolution (4096x2160) and UHD resolution (3840x2160). We see a bit of speed increase when they shoot UHD. Not much, but it’s enough to make the speed hit bearable. Something like ~44fps (UHD) vs ~35fps (4K).