Frame Rates in CORTEX: Camera Speed, Clip Speed, Play Speed and Deliverables

CORTEX supports standard Project frame rates of 23.98, 24, 25 and 29.97 (ND and DF) but it can accept input of virtually any frame rate.

The standard Project frame rates are based on common editorial and review formats and designed to keep editorial simple and make later conform and assembly easier.

When you import a set of clips into CORTEX, you will see their native frame rate displayed in the Clip Bin. This can include clips that do not match the Project frame rate.

See [Clip Bin Layouts and Bin Sidbar] (New in v 1.5: New Clip Bin Layouts and Bin Sidebar) for more on customizing your Clip Bin view

In many cases, even if the camera speed is HFR (e.g., 48 FPS), the camera file will record to a standard 23.98 speed clip. In this case, playback of the clip will appear in slow motion within CORTEX. To view clips at camera speed, adjust the Play Speed parameter in the Sync Tool.

If the clip is “off speed,” you can render to a [Continuous Timecode Reel] (Create dailies masters for alternate cameras and offspeed footage to ease the assembly / conform process) for use in editorial and/or review.