Troubleshooting NOVA with Log files

Often, an error that is occuring in NOVA will be specific to the workstation configuration, specific files in use or other local factors and MTI Support will be unable to recreate it on our test stations. In those cases, the most helpful first step is to send MTI Support an error log.

##Set Up Logging

To enable logging, open C:\Program Files\MTI Film\DRS Nova 1.0.0-bxxx\Bin\MTIcpmp.ini in a text editor such at Notepad and edit the following lines to read:


Save and close the file

##Generate and Send The Log
Open NOVA and recreate the error
Now go to C:\Users\*username*\.cpmprc

  • replace *username* with the login name of the currently logged in user
  • .cpmprc is a Hidden folder, you may need to change yoru Folder Options for it to be visible in Windows Explorer

You will find one or more files named DRS_Nova.log.###, select the most recently created one (it will have the highest ### number) and email to